Some information you need to know about dog owner protection

Some information you need to know about dog owner protection

Learn about the dog breeds that best protect the owner

Usually the breed with the ability to protect the owner well first has to be in good health, big and good-tempered, can confront the enemy in all cases. The current dog breeds are Chow Chow, pug (Puppies), and Saola. In addition, the larger dog breeds include the Doberman Pinscher, the German Shepherd and Akita.

In addition, dogs like the German Shepherd and Doberman Pinscher can be trained to become guard dogs as well as attack the enemy.

Feature to select guard dog

A dog with good protection will be able to identify well, steadily, facing the opponent without showing any flinch or turning away. To be a guard dog, they must be confident of themselves as well as able to protect their owners in all environmental situations.

Loyal dogs can be very good guard dogs and are easily trained. Usually the guard dog will always be with the owner, not biting the person indiscriminately until being ordered to do so.

To be able to train a good guard dog needs

– Find out which dog breed our house is, their ability like?

– Find out the dog's personality to choose the right training method. You can try it by giving it a favorite object in his mouth, then pretend to snatch it back. If your dog makes an attempt to tug it back, his ability to protect his owner is very high.

– In order to train the dog to protect the owner, first they need to learn through basic movements such as sitting, lying, crawling, standing, barking … These are the movements that dogs need to be learned. can easily train the guard later

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