Why choose Dai Nam loading and unloading

Why choose Dai Nam loading and unloading

The reason to choose loading and unloading Dai Nam specializes in  loading and unloading prestigious goods at cheap prices 

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– Equipment, modern machinery, diversity and abundance, meeting all the needs of transporting houses, offices, warehouses, … in weather conditions in Vietnam.

– Dai Nam trains and builds a healthy, dynamic, skilled staff to handle cargoes, technical and experience, .. to serve the loading and unloading needs of customers. best way.

– In addition, this staff is trained disciplined sense of discipline, and professional service attitude to satisfy all customers of Dai Nam.

– Dai Nam cargo handling service is a young business, so it always wants to expand the market, support organizations, companies and families with the cheapest package.

Why choose Dai Nam loading and unloading

Address loading prestigious goods cheap

Service of loading and  unloading goods of cheap prestige  are now used by many businesses whenever they need to transfer goods because of the quickness, neatness, cost savings as well as manpower to ensure goods safety. , avoid collapse, loss, and avoid slowing down the production and business progress of enterprises.

Dich vu boc xep hang hoa at Dai Nam Loading and unloading company is cheap, prestigious and quality assurance in the area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City.

The following steps to  receive and unload cheap reputable goods

1. Signing of loading and unloading contract:

– You agree with our price and shipping plan. Survey staff will sign a contract directly with you. The contract clearly states the rights and responsibilities of both parties

2. Contract performance:

– We will send loading team quickly to the location you request.

– You will check the quantity and quality of goods before moving.

– Make minutes of handing over and certifying the number of furniture and goods.

– Determining the quantity of goods to take initiative in resources and vehicles supporting loading and transporting work to new addresses such as forklifts, carts, trailers … accordingly.

– Goods will be carefully packed with specialized materials and clearly marked.

– Goods will be sorted, sorted by the same category or previous location and have notes.

– Large or special goods will have professional equipment moving with the professionalism of the workers.

– Our staff will have smart, safe and fast loading plans, saving maximum time and effort for you.